Meet our Team


Mr Fontaine joined Diagnos’ team in January 2005 as Vice-President – Business Development. He recently got a promotion due the seperation of the mining division of Diagnos.Previously, Mr Fontaine held a position of Vice-President within a firm specialized in Forex (Foreign Exchange). Before working as a broker at a major Canadian securities firm, he worked in the mining sector in Vancouver.  His broad experience in the financial and mining industries provide the background for directing business development and presidence of Albert Mining.

Michel Fontaine

President, Albert Mining

In 2005, when I started working for Diagnos Mining division to offer tools using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data mining services in the mining sector, I can tell you that the response of specialists in the Sector has been very mixed. 12 years later, with the arrival of Watson with IBM, Microsoft and others, our team’s experience in more than 80 projects in different parts of the world means that Albert Mining has an undeniably advantageous CARDS system.

What we offer at ALBERT Mining is unique. The experience of 12 years of sustained effort and close to 3 million spent in software development to refine CARDS in the mining sector makes us leader in our field.

It is time to change things and make Artificial Intelligence part of the mining industry.


Mr. Audet is currently the Chairman of Albert Mining(TSX-V: AIIM). André Audet is also the Chairman & CEO of Everton Resources Inc. (TSX-V: EVR) a junior exploration company exploring for gold in the Dominican Republic and in the James Bay territory of northern Quebec.  In addition, Mr. Audet is also co-Founder and Chairman of Tetro Bio-Pharma Inc., a company engaged in the development of biopharmaceutical products.

André Audet

Chairman, Albert Mining


Lucie Tellier is a financial professional with specialization in finance and accounting. She has spend over 25 years in public accounting and now act as a CFO at Albert Mining.

  • former CFO of Paramount Gold and Silver Corp. (NYSE/TSX: PZG) having contributed to the development of the company from a private enterprise through private capital raising and 2 public listings overseeing $30 million in equity financing.Paramount Gold was later acquired by Coeur Mining (NYS:CDE) for $200 million.
  • former CFO of Crestwell Resources (CSE: CER).

Lucie Letellier

CFO, Albert Mining


Jacynthe Peever

Executive Assistant, Albert Mining


Holds diploma in Statistics Engineering and M. Sc. in Business Intelligence. Rich experience in management, analysis and exploitation of data from different sources using a wide range od Data Mining tools.

Riadh Kobbi

Manager/Data Modeling


With a PhD in mineral resources (UQAM), Gigor has 13 years of geological experience in the carbonate sedimentology/stratigraphy field for hydrocarbone exploitation and in mineral exploration for chrome and base metals.

Grigor Heba



Masters the combination of database technologies, data warehousing, data mining and decision support systems. More than 10 000 hours of experience in mineral potential prediction using intelligent approaches.

Jihed Chelbi

Business Intelligence Specialist


Graduated from Université Lyon in France studying computer and software engineering. 14 years of experience in software development, IP networks and telephony.

Stéphane Henry

System Administrator

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