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Project Generator

CARDS saves geologist’s time and energy by defining potential territories for exploration. CARDS increases the success rate of a geologist to find what she is looking for:

  • To generate added value to different layers of existent geophysical, geochemical and geological data;
  • To use more than 500 variables to find patterns in a multidimensional dataset that are too difficult to perceive by humans;
  • To generate prospectivity maps that can be easily integrated in GIS such as MapInfo, ArcGIS and GeoSoft;
  • The CARDS results are produced in order to support geologists and geophysicists in the exploration process;
  • The Prospectivity maps can be used as a marketing tool to promote exploration investments;

CARDS was proven to be very successful in other different geological contexts containing different types of gold mineralization (orogenic, porphyric, VMS etc.).

Did you know that only 1 out of 3333 projects have been exploited in the last few years? Albert Mining: the only pure project generator which uses AI and data mining. Our team is revolutionizing the mining industry by using data to discover what geologists could not identify with their own eyes.

Albert Mining uses Open Data from all over the world. There is no need to travel or drill to make a hypothesis about a possible source underground. We need DATA. Nowadays a lot of data is available online easily. Our AI tool makes us more ecologically friendly and responsible.

We have an enormous opportunity with the possibility to turn over a project by sending our geologist specialist to validate the targets we have found through CARDS.

Sometimes no one has claimed the territory where we find positive targets. The beauty behind this is that we have the possibility to sell the project, keep royalties, create options and/or validate these targets otherwise.

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