Meet our Board of Directors

We have found experts in their fields to guide us.


Mr. Kandanchatha has over 20 years of experience in start-up and early-stage companies, having raised over $100M dollars translating into over $1B in shareholder value. He has overseen multiple IPOs and acquisitions, acting as an officer or director of many successful technology companies. Dinesh brings proven experience in taking ground breaking technical ideas and converting them to highly profitable and valuable companies. Dinesh will bring his network and experience as a founder and former President and CTO of Patriot One Technologies and current Chief Operating Officer of Macadamian Technologies to transform the Albert business model to maximize earnings and shareholder returns. A seasoned investor and mentor, Mr. Kandanchatha holds both a bachelor’s degree and MBA from the University of Ottawa, is a Top 40 under 40 winner, serves as a board member and advisor on multiple public and private organizations, and has been featured in the Canadian Business Journal’s entrepreneur spotlight

Dinesh Kandanchatha


Mr Fontaine joined Diagnos’ team in January 2005 as Vice-President – Business Development. He recently got a promotion due the seperation of the mining division of Diagnos. Previously, Mr Fontaine held a position of Vice-President within a firm specialized in Forex (Foreign Exchange). Before working as a broker at a major Canadian securities firm, he worked in the mining sector in Vancouver.  His broad experience in the financial and mining industries provide the background for directing business development and presidence of Albert Mining.

Michel Fontaine


Mr. Larente is the President of Diagnos inc. Mr. Larente has previously held leading management positions with companies including Siemens, Syscan International, Newbridge Networks, Legent, Cognos, Tandem Computers and Honeywell Information Systems.

André Larente


M.Sc. in geology from University of Montreal

  • worked 12 years with De Beers Canada as project geologist and exploration manager
  • established and managed Golden Star Resource’s diamond division in Guyana
  • was involved in the start-up and management of Majescor Resources Inc.
  • was President of North American Minerals Group, a private Company

Jacques Letendre

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