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Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) exclusive tool named CARDS can help you decide where to focus.

Save money and time by limiting target areas for exploration

CARDS uses the latest Artificial Intelligence and pattern recognition algorithms to analyze digital data sets of compiled georeferenced historical exploration data, including geological, geochemical, geophysical, and structural data, as well as digital elevation (DEM).

Producing targeting models for drilling

Breakthroughs in 3D geological modelling, geophysical inversion and advanced visualization have made it possible to implement quantitative multi-disciplinary data integration in mineral exploration projects.
Albert Mining helps you target faster
using CARDS 2D & 3D
since 2005

About Our Company

Did you know that only 1 out of 3333 projects have been exploited in the last few years? Albert Mining: the only pure project generator which uses AI and data mining. Our team is revolutionizing the mining industry by using data to discover what geologists could not identify with their own eyes.

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Where Artificial Intelligence Meets Geology

Our strengh is analysis

The analysis of each cell in the model as well as the characteristics of all cells within a specified distance of the cell or neighbourhood is weighed into the evaluation of that cell. In this manner, cells lacking data can still be highlighted by CARDS 3D if the combination of their limited characteristics and their proximity to cells with other significant characteristics is similar to that of cells in the system with known positive results. Exploration targets are then derived from the cells that have scored a high similitude to the positive dataset.


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